El Paso Electric

Commercial Standard Offer Program

Program Overview

EPE's Commercial Standard Offer Program pays incentives to energy efficiency service providers who install energy efficiency measures in commercial facilities that are located within EPE's Texas service territory. Eligible facilities must be non-residential and must receive their electricity from EPE.

Incentives are paid for both energy and demand savings, and the installed measures must have the potential to reduce peak summer demand by at least 5 kW. (See manual for complete details.)

Participants in the program--referred to as Project Sponsors--are required to meet minimum eligibility criteria, comply with all program rules and procedures, and sign a Standard Offer Program Agreement with EPE. Once the measures are installed and the savings are verified, the Project Sponsor receives incentive payments based on the project's savings in accordance with program manual, Standard Offer Program Agreement and PUCT requirements.

The program's primary objective is to achieve a cost-effective reduction in energy demand within the Commercial sector. Additional objectives include:

Aside from general project and measure eligibility requirements, the program does not prescribe technologies or end uses, but instead provides a framework through which service providers can receive incentives for implementing and installing a wide range of measures at customer sites. EPE makes no representation of the benefits of any particular technology or energy efficiency measure eligible for incentives under this program. The selection of an energy efficiency measure is at the discretion of the individual EPE customers and their Energy Efficiency Service Provider.

Who is eligible?

Any entity that can demonstrate competency in completing the proposed project and a commitment to fulfilling program objectives is eligible to participate in the Commercial Standard Offer Program as a Project Sponsor. Examples of eligible participants include:

EPE's CSOP Program Summary:

Online application forms will be available beginning on February 20, 2017.

Incentive Budgets: $391,995

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